Publication in English language

I.L.A. stands for the „Imperial Mode of Living and Structures of Exploitation in the 21st Century“. The group emerged as the writing workshop in which the collective was founded and in which the publication was developed over the course of one year.

The resulting book is available here as a free download (German language version). The English language version of the book will be made available here in February 2019.

I.L.A.-Writing Workshop (2016/2017)

The I.L.A. Werkstatt ran from 01. April 2016 to 31. May 2017 as a project of the non-profit association Common Future e.V. under the direction of Dr. Thomas Kopp and Dipl.-Ing. Karin Walther.

Our interdisciplinary collective consists of 15 young scientists. Together, we wrote this dossier over the course of one year. We have academic education in economics,
Development and Agricultural Economics, Political Science, Political Economy, International Relations, Educational Science, Environmental Sciences, Sustainability Science, History and Law. In addition to our work in the I.L.A. Collectively, we study and work at universities, non-governmental organizations, social movements or in trade unions.

We are part of various emancipatory movements in the area of ​​global justice. With this dossier we want to make the scientific concept of the imperial way of life accessible to a wider public and contribute to a more solid production and way of life.

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